Love Bug Heaven

Growing up in the seventies I (Lori) was a big fan of the Love Bug movies. Imagine my delight when, arriving in San Miguel de Allende, I saw old Volkswagen Beetle cars everywhere! Not just one or two, but dozens and dozens!

It turns out that these sturdy little cars were manufactured in Mexico from the early sixties until 2003. This very popular car was the darling of taxi drivers. For years, many were employed as taxis in Mexico City. Then one day, one of the mayors unfortunately decided to forbid two-door taxis. This spelled the beginning of the end for this noble vehicle in Mexico.

“It was in the month of June 2003 that the Volkswagen Sedán Última Edición was introduced. A totally nostalgic car, which resembles the past glories of the Volkswagen Beetle. This Final Edition consisted of 2,999 units for sale to the general public in Volkswagen dealers across Mexico, while one (the last one to be produced), would be immediately shipped to the Volkswagen Museum in Wolfsburg, Germany, testifying a historic age which ended on July 30, 2003, when the last Volkswagen Beetle (the unit number 21’529,464) leaves the production line in what was now called “the hall of sorrow”, accompanied by a Mariachi singing the song “Las Golondrinas” (A Mexican folk song that speaks of a farewell). This latter Beetle was headed to the port of Veracruz where a ship would take it to his final destination.” (Source:

But alas, like many a retiree who comes to San Miguel, and is surprised to discover a welcome second wind in their twilight years, so too has the retired taxi beetle found a new lease on life. In San Miguel, this little car is equally popular amongst locals and gringos alike.

It is fitting that the little town known as the heart of Mexico has also become Love Bug Heaven!

Some are as bright as jelly beans:

IMG_1518 IMG_1558


Some are just pretty:



Sometimes you see two at once:



Some need a little work:



Some are decorated:



Some like to hide:



And then there are the VW vans, but that’s another story:

IMG_1783 IMG_1658

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