A Floral Affair

We moved into our new apartment on the 1st day of the Flower Fair of La Candelaria. So, lucky for us, the park at the end of our street has been transformed by hundreds of flower vendors into a floral affair.

The Flower Fair is part of the Feast of La Candelaria, a popular Christian festival celebrated in honour of the Virgin of Candelaria, who appeared in Tenerife (Canary Islands) at the beginning of the 15th century. The day of celebration is Feb. 2, although in certain places this is extended by several days, or longer.

In central Mexico, it is customary to clothe the baby Jesus in nativity dress, and carry him to hear mass. Afterwards, he is placed in a niche where he remains for the rest of the year.

In San Miguel de Allende, where the festival runs from Feb. 1 to 11, the tradition is for people to congregate at Parque Juárez (the park at the end of our street), to buy flowers or plants. There, hundreds of vendors sell an astonishing variety of flowers, herbs, and plants in assorted colours, shapes, and sizes. A stroll through the park is truly a feast for the senses.

Even though one of us was sick with a cold (Joe), this did not dissuade us from purchasing our share of the available plant life. This served a dual purpose: we could legitimately count ourselves among the celebrants and we got to beautify the outdoor space at our new apartment at Villa Martha. The San Miguel industrial rooftop look — water tanks, gas tanks, pipes, conduit, and cable — has been successfully subjugated. With the addition of a few borrowed flower pots from the generous Villa Martha manager Maria, we now have an inviting, colourful, fragrant, and intimate rooftop space!

Joe is now on the mend, Lori is now sick with a cold, but we are both very grateful for this wonderful festival!






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