Sitting on the Banks of the Tomebamba River


Since we arrived in Cuenca a few days ago, and settled in at the Hotel Apartamentos Otorongo (, we have been sitting in these surprisingly comfortable plastic chairs, sipping our first and second coffees, watching the Tomebamba river go by (yes, your observation is correct: the chairs are usually facing the river!).

It was hard leaving Cotacachi. After all, we left behind the place we have called home for the last two months. We left behind our friends Beverly and Jack, our friend Susana, our neighbours Thomas and Diane, Mr. Up and Down, our favourite coffee shop Café Rio Intag, and other memorable people, places, and things. Yet, it was time to move on. Cotacachi will always occupy a special place in our hearts, and, someday, probably not long from now, we will return.

Our home in Cuenca is a cute and functional 1-bedroom apartment. In addition to the river view, we have access to a common garden, and the owner/manager Xavier as well as the staff are friendly, convivial, and very accommodating. We have also been smitten by the smart, protective, “pack leader” named Tormenta, who heads the security detail and who loves to be petted.

IMG_1192 IMG_1189

We are fortunate to have made new friends — Tracy and Donna from California by way of North Carolina. They arrived on the same flight from Quito, are leaving on the same return flight, and are staying right next door. The last couple of days we have absorbed the sights and sounds of old town, in their company, and what a rich and rewarding experience it has been!

IMG_1197 IMG_1220IMG_1202 IMG_1205IMG_1203 IMG_1204IMG_1225 IMG_1209IMG_1226 IMG_1224IMG_1228 IMG_1230IMG_1213

The polls have just closed and the votes in Ecuador’s national election will be counted. But that is a story for another day!

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One Response to Sitting on the Banks of the Tomebamba River

  1. Richard says:

    I think if there is an idyllic spot to have coffee in the morning, no matter where they are, Lori and Joe will find it.

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