Cincuenta – A Family Affair

I had no idea I would be so happy to celebrate my fiftieth birthday! It seems like such a great time of life – we are healthy and happy and enjoying every single day. We are so grateful for everything. And especially for all of those who helped to celebrate my birthday in person, on Facebook or email, or in the quilt shop in Whitehorse! Thanks so much for that beautiful quilt, Ruth – I can’t wait to see it in person! And thank you Terry, for the early birthday quilt!

We started the celebrations here in Cotacachi, with a family we have grown very fond of in our short time here. They are our neighbours, and are a Canadian/Nicaraguan family with two beautiful children named Eric and Patrick. Our dinner was a combination birthday party for me, and Bon Voyage for Kenia, the mom, who is off to study jewelry-making in the south of Ecuador for a few months. We had a lovely meal at a local restaurant – in a lovely garden. The boys ordered pork chops that were almost as big as they were, and ate it all! It was a bit chilly, but we were having such a nice time we didn’t want to go inside. The meal was followed by a huge birthday cake! We were able to convince Herman and Kenia to take the leftover cake home, which thrilled the boys to no end! It was a fun evening spent with a wonderful family, and a great kick-off to my birthday celebrations!


Lori's Quilt by Ruth Headley (hanging in Bear's Paw Quilts, Whitehorse, Yukon)

Lori’s Quilt by Ruth Headley
(hanging in Bear’s Paw Quilts, Whitehorse, Yukon)

Gifts from Herman, Kenia, Eric, and Patrick in Cotacachi, Ecuador
Gifts from Herman, Kenia, Eric, and Patrick in Cotacachi, Ecuador

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One Response to Cincuenta – A Family Affair

  1. Elaine says:

    You are lucky! Gorgeous quilt…

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