“Simon Bolivar Slept Here”

On New Year’s Eve day, Lori and I, with our friends Beverly and Jack, decided to lunch at the Hosteria Hacienda Pinsaqui, an extraordinary 300-year-old colonial hacienda situated 5 km north of Otavalo.

According to their web site (www.haciendapinsaqui.com):

During the 1800s, the hacienda hosted many important guests. Among these was Simón Bolívar, the brilliant Venezuelan general who became known simply as ‘El Libertador’ following his successful struggle to liberate Venezuela, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru from the Spanish yoke. General Bolívar used to stay in the hacienda when campaigning, both militarily and politically, back and forth between Ecuador and Colombia. At the hacienda he found a special peace and tranquillity, and, although not proven, he may also have met his beautiful quiteña lover Manuela Sáenz here for furtive fumblings.

This historic hacienda afforded us delicious food, lush gardens, and a relaxing atmosphere.  As we strolled the extensive grounds, we could imagine the ghosts of those long-ago visitors being drawn back to this beautiful romantic setting.  As for their furtive fumblings, we’ll leave that to your imagination!


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