Lori’s Hummingbird

The Up and Down Bird

One afternoon last week I was reading on the couch and looked up to see this little hummingbird staring at me through the window. He was adorable and I watched him for quite a while. Then he flew straight up, then down again. I laughed out loud. Most hummingbirds in our garden fly from flower to flower and tree to tree horizontally. The next day it happened again! And a few days later. So yesterday I sat down to read with the camera by my side. I managed to get a bit of his performance on video. This is exactly my view from the couch.

I call him Mr. Up and Down. I think I’m in love.

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2 Responses to Lori’s Hummingbird

  1. Terry says:

    Love your Up and Down Bird!

  2. Lori Hampton says:

    He was back again today. I think he’s courting me!

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