Cotacachi: City of Peace


We had a beautiful drive from Quito to Cotacachi. Really good highway (Panamericano). Lots of winding curves along the Andean mountains. Took about 3 hours. Cotacachi is a really picturesque, peaceful little town/village nestled in a valley, surrounded by mountains all around. Much like Whitehorse, except no snow!
By the second day, we liked our new accommodations (Hostal La Cuadra) in Cotacachi. The first day, however, was a bit of a different story. We were comparing it to the Colonial House, our “home” in Quito. Our room was noisy; wireless Internet service was spotty, and wouldn’t work at all for Lori’s iPad mini; and, to boot, the toilet wouldn’t flush. You get the picture. The morning of the second day, we sat up on the rooftop of our hostel sipping our first cup of (Ecuadorian) coffee, and admired the fantastic panoramic view of the town (I will call it a town, although the manager here refers to it as a village). We felt like the wind, gentle as it was, was hugging us! And a little later, we were able to get Lori’s iPad mini (we have named her “Mini”) to connect to the Internet. What a difference a day makes!
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