Jardín Botánico de Quito


Not feeling that we needed to rush around to see everything right away, we kept ourselves within the environs of the Old Town for the first few days. But on the 4th day, we ventured forth into the New Town, and immersed ourselves in nature in the form of the Botanical Gardens of Quito. Our greeter was a black cat who took us as far as the edge of his territory. After that we were on our own. We spent hours in this beautiful place!


We were so entranced with the Botanical Gardens, that we had not realized that it was mid-afternoon and we had not had anything to eat since breakfast. So luckily we chanced upon a wonderful restaurant at a nearby mall, and replenished our energy with good, strong cups of coffee, and with the delicious food that ensued.


A very apt description for each of us at the end of another great day in Ecuador!

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