Ecuador, we have arrived








This trip was long in the making, but we are finally here! Didn’t think we would experience culture shock, but we did, mild though it was. Nothing like what I experienced our first weekend in Bangkok, though, back in 1988.

Lori and I walked the streets of the Old Town, Quito today. Tired from a dearth of sleep the last two nights, and feeling some of the effects of the high altitude (2,850 m above sea level), we didn’t venture too far but did take in a lot of the sights and sounds. The “Fiestas de Quito” festival is underway (a celebration of the founding of Quito by the Spanish), so a lot more people than normal were milling about in the plazas or traversing the narrow cobble-stoned streets. Whenever things got too frenetic, we would seek sanctuary in a cafe or restaurant, and refresh ourselves with a cappuccino or fill our stomachs with a delicious Ecuadorian rendition of tomato soup and home made fries, or “tallarin de pollo” (noodles with chicken).

It turns out that, unlike Alice, we did not follow a white rabbit down a rabbit hole, and instead followed our own instincts. However, all the while, there indeed was a white rabbit that was part of our story, but he was busy chewing grass back in the garden oasis of our hotel.

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2 Responses to Ecuador, we have arrived

  1. R. McFarlane says:

    Beautiful city! Wonderful time to be in Quito.

  2. robert&edi says:

    hi Joe and Lori, we were just wondering how your travels were going. Love the updates and it looks so nice. We are surviving this cold snap…looks like we are beginning to warm up now. xo Edie & Robert

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