“Llama Crossing”

Llama Crossing

We have reached Edmonton, but along the way we came across a “llama crossing” signpost at the Sign Post Forest in Watson Lake, Yukon. We didn’t actually see any llamas, but we didn’t really expect to, this far from the Ecuadorean Andes, this early on in the trip.

However, we did run into a murder of ravens in the adjacent parking lot, and one particularly cheeky raven that figured we had food in our car, that we would be willing to share. After he landed on my side view mirror, and stared at me with these very expectant eyes, I couldn’t help but feed him one of our black-pepper-flavoured Mary’s crackers. I rolled down the window and placed it within easy reach of his beak. Presto, he chewed and digested it within seconds, obviously enjoying the delicious taste of our favourite rice crackers. But not being completely satiated, he knocked on my window — with his beak, of course — to ask for more. Unfortunately, since this was a wild animal after all (as my lovely wife, Lori, correctly pointed out) and since I should not have been feeding him in the first place, I could do no more to satisfy his obvious hunger. Ten (10) minutes later he gave up and flew away.

A few minutes after he departed, however, he found us at a nearby gas station, and hopped onto the hood of our car. Unfortunately, for him, we could delay no longer — there being only so many daylight hours. We started the car and gently drove away. “Would ravens make good pets,” I wondered. I really think it’s possible, but I think that about llamas as well.

Cheeky Raven

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One Response to “Llama Crossing”

  1. Sherry says:

    What a great story

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